Press Release Horison Jimbaran Condotel

Press Release Horison Jimbaran


JAKARTA (AFP ) . – Bali , was still the main choice for tourist destinations in Indonesia so that the needs of hotels in Bali are still high . Thus , the public need not fear an oversupply ( over supply ) hotel in Bali .

As stated by Tony Eddy , Project Marketing Advisor Jimbaran Hotel , in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 11.20.12 ) .
He said , that must be considered in investment in Bali that developers who are committed to the project is completed on time , the hotel operator , and has the right in accordance with the concept of the project site .
Meanwhile , Basari Bachri , Director of Operations Metropolitan Golden Management said , Jimbaran Hotel is the third hotel in Bali which is managed by the Horizon Group , formerly Horizon and Horizon Sunset Road Seminyak .
” Based on data from the last three years the average occupancy rate Horison Hotel network reaches 70% and a special 2010 Horison Hotel occupancy rate reached 78 % . Till the end of 2012 the new hotel will be operated 3 . Whereas in 2013 and 2014 , the Metropolitan Golden Management will operate more of 35 hotels , ” he said .
It said it chose the location in Jimbaran because the region is a strategic area in Bali . Jimbaran is also an area of ​​exclusive tourist area .

Horizon Jimbaran built on an area of ​​1,000 square meters with a building area of ​​4,400 square meters . Jimbaran horizon consists of five floors and a basement floor . “In the future there will be a 84 unit hotel rooms comprising suites Deluxe type to type , ” said Basari .

The facilities offered by the Hotel Horison Jimbaran form swimming pool , fitness center , gym , meeting rooms , restaurant , and a rooftop bar . The hotel planned to be operational in late 2013 , construction began in October 2012 .
Jimbaran horizon is offered with freehold tenure , with prices ranging from Rp 600 million per unit with conditions already full furnished .

Tony Eddy added , the buyer will be given in front of the rental yield (return on investment / ROI ) of 24% for the first 3 years since the hotel operates . ” Buyers are also given the facility free stay benefit for a maximum of 21 days per year , ” he also said , it’s been sold 25 %



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