Indonesian Investors more Interested in Property Sector


Skyrocketing housing needs to make investments in this sector to be attractive targets for investors .

Data Manulife Investor Sentiment Index in Indonesia ( Manulife ISI ) Indonesian investment is optimistic note on investment in the property sector , rather than investing in stocks and bonds sectors .
Alvin Pattisahusiwa , Investment Director of Manulife Asset Management Indonesia , said the data expected 9 out of 10 respondents in the survey predict yields ISI property for 12 months or one year is believed to reach 32 percent or higher than with stocks and bonds .

” In the data Manulife ISI investors believe the property will generate 32 percent of the investment , in contrast to other sectors such as investment in stocks and bonds , they believe investing only in investment shares of 27 percent and bonds by 25 percent in a year , ” he said Thursday ( 189 / 7/2013 ) .

This investment refers to the belief in the investment in the property sector is more secure than by investing in stocks that tend to be volatile sector . Yields are not clear because of the movement of capital inflow into the cause of their reluctance to enter the Indonesian stock market is fairly stable .

In fact sufficiently ascending index with the achievements in the past year grew by 21 percent for the comparison of March 2012 to March 2013 . Even the movement of stock market indices in the U.S. and Europe as S & P 500 and Stoxx , Europe 600 , MSCI Asia . Even the Regional region , which can only beat Nikkei stock index .

But he said , investment in stocks would be an attractive option when inflation rises and the need to invest more and more interesting . So investors will likely look to address the surge in capital gains rates .
” Stocks are still attractive because of our data only 22 percent of investor funds for personal use , while the rest is for the needs of medium and long term investment opportunities so it was pretty much , ” he said .

This survey proves overall about 50 percent of Asian investors argue that stock returns will increase by 20 percent in the next 12 months.
This survey was conducted online interviews Manulife in 500 markets in Hong Kong , China , Taiwan , Japan , Singapore , Malaysia and Indonesia. The survey was conducted for the upper middle class who have a reserve fund as much as 12 months of personal income .

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